Abita Brewing Company Bourbon Street Old Fashioned Pale Ale Gruit /Ancient Herbed Ale 9.5% ABV (10 Oz)
Brewery Ommegang Game Of Thrones: Valar Dohaeris Tripel 9.00% ABV (10 Oz)
MadTree Brewing Sol Drifter American Blonde Ale 4.3% ABV (16 Oz)
MadTree Brewing Batch 2.0 American Amber/Red Ale 6.40% ABV (16 Oz)
Yellow Springs Breaking Edge American IPA 6.90% ABV (14 Oz)
North Coast Berliner Weisse – Passion Fruit-Peach Berliner Weisse 4.1% ABV (16 Oz)
Cider Boys Pineapple Hula Cider 5.00% ABV (16 Oz)
Boulevard Brewing Co. Ginger Lemon Raddler half beer half soda 4.1% ABV (16 Oz)
Warped Wing Night Velvet Belgian Strong Ale 7.3% ABV (12 Oz)
Abita Bourbon Street Chocolate American Double Imperial Stout 10.5% ABV (10 Oz)
Maui Brewing Co. Big Swell American IPA 6.8V (14 Oz)
Founders Brewing Doom American Double Imperial IPA 12.4% ABV (10 Oz)
Fig Leaf Exculpatory American IPA 4.9% ABV (16 Oz)
Stone Pataskala Red X IPA 7.3 % ABV (12 Oz) $4.00 PINT!
JackIe O’s Dark Apparition Russian Imperial Stout 10.5% ABV (10 Oz)
PBR On DRAFT!!!! (16 Oz)
3 Floyds Brewing Yum Yum American Pale Ale 5.5% ABV (16 Oz)
Ommegang Game Of Thrones : Bend The Knee Belgian Strong Pale Ale 9.00% ABV (10 Oz)

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