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Grade A stuff. I’m unitasuqonebly in your debt.

Paul, thanks for your thoughts. I’ve seen it done differently in different jurisdictions. Sometimes “reasonable expectation of privacy” for recording purposes means “was it reasonable nobody would overhear.” Other times it is taken to mean “is it reasonable to assume nobody would reveal the contents of the conversation to a third party.” If it’s the former in Maryland, ACORN has a harder defense (depending upon whether people were coming in and out); if the latter, then ACORN has a very strong defense to the application of the statute.I don’t know which Maryland uses. Too tired today to research it.

, I was (and sadly still am) the klutzy girl who falls over a lot. Yes she did some annying things, but my MC'd do that as well. I think it's because we're human…and very over emotional. lol.

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