09:00 | Matt Hobbs
09:30 | Nick Taylor
10:00 | Ed John
10:30 | Adrian Miller
11:00 | OPEN!
11:30 | OPEN!
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find out how here: http://southparktavern.com/mic/



Thanks for the time last night Grant!!!! The crowd was great! If possible, I’d like to grab the 10:00 spot for the show May 30! Thanks a million!

Hey can I get the 9:30 spot please and thank you!!

I’d love the 10:30 spot if possible. Thank you!

I’d like to play at 9 Please thanks G-money

Hi! I’ll play at eleven this evening.

Bird Brain Breakfast

11:30 please

Hey could i get the 11 o clock spot please

Sorry, but I didn’t want to play this late already.

Bird Brain Breakfast

actually I’m not gonna make it tonight. New material next time tho!


Phenom Brown 11pm please

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