09:00 | Luke
09:30 | Thomas
10:00 | Ed John
10:30 | Seyu
11:00 | Bird Brain Breakfast
11:30 | Cosmik Cactus King
sign up for a slot
in the comments section below.
find out how here: http://southparktavern.com/mic/



Ed John here!!!!! Thanks for the time last night!!! I’d like that 10:00 spot for Stand Up again!!!

I’d like the spot for 9:30

First timer here looking to get the 9pm slot

Seyu for the 10:30 slot

Greetings Grant may I have the 10:30pm spot on tonight’s show. 5/23/18 Performance Artist Phenom Brown (performing comedy)

Hi Grant I didn’t realize that someone had signed up right before me at 10:30pm thanks though. See ya later.All the best! Peace

Bird Brain Breakfast

11 please! or 11:30

Cosmik Cactus King

11 or 11 30 for Cosmik Cactus King

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