09:00 | OPEN!
09:30 | OPEN!
10:00 | Sammy Obeid
10:30 | Nick Taylor
11:00 | Ed “hella funnier than nick” John
11:30 | OPEN!
sign up for a slot
in the comments section below.
find out how here: http://southparktavern.com/mic/



Can I get the 10:30 spot plz and thank you!

Sammy Obeid here, I’ll take the 10 pm, thank you!

I’d like to grab the 11:00 spot!!! My name is Ed John. Stand Up Comic. And I’m hella funnier than Nick Taylor. Also, please make sure Nick Taylor’s bi$&# a$$ see’s this comment.

I have the standup routine of the century really these jokes I have assembled are complete, including punchlines, and I would like to proudly display them to common people at your humble pizza tavern. 930 please, thank you.

Gonna be unable to make it tonight, when I awoke this morning I simply could not remember the punchlines to my jokes.

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