09:00 | An Evening of Bromance with the Pandini Bros
09:30 | An Evening of Bromance with the Pandini Bros
10:00 | Rich Gomez
10:30 | Matt Hobbs
11:00 | Nick Taylor
11:30 | willy 🙂
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Hi Grant – the Pandini Brothers (classical Italian mandolin “rock band”) would like to offer “An Evening of Bromance with the Pandini Bros” on Valentine’s Day, featuring French café music and Italian love songs, as well as our usual mix of “pizza music.” We request the 9:00p spot. We would be happy to play a 30 min or 1 hour set (cut off at 10p if there is a late start) if no one claims the 9:30p spot, but we do NOT wish to discourage any of our fellow local musicians from taking the 9:30p spot if they want it. (I was guessing the schedule may not fill on a holiday evening, but I may be very wrong about that! Your call.)

Thanks, man! We appreciate what you and SPT do to serve the cause of live music!

– The Pandini Bros

10pm spot please

Can I get 11pm plz and thank you !

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