09:00 | The Pandini Bros
09:30 | Rich Gomez
10:00 | Orka Love
10:30 | Samuel Tucker
11:00 | Jonathan Alexander
11:30 | Aaron and Seyu
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The Pandini Bros request the 9:00p time slot. We are a plucked string quartet that plays traditional Italian, Neapolitan, and French CafĂ© music — think “pizza music.”

The Pandini Bros!

I heard you guys in Yellow Springs.

Awesome !

*correction to email address

I’d like the 9:30 spot please

Hi Grant…Orka Love would like to play at 10…thanks!

Hello ! I would like the 10 pm slot. Thanks

I won’t be making it tonight for the 10pm slot

Jonathan Alexander would like the 10:30 slot please

Aaron and Seyu one song 11:00

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