09:00 | Wax Wings
09:30 | Wax Wings
10:00 | Martin Alexander
10:30 | Quinn Michael
11:00 | OPEN!
11:30 | OPEN!
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Hi. I’m in a 4 piece band called Wax Wings and we’d like to play the 9:00 slot. Guitar drums keys bass and vocals

Hey SPT!

It’s been too long since playin’ the Tavern!

My Cigar Box Guitar, Cigar Box Amp, slide, and looper would love the 9:30 slot!
Just need an SM57 and 58 for the amp and vocals and we’re rockin’ it old skool!

See you Wednesday night!

Martin Alexander
A Guy And A Guitar

Hey! My name is Quinn Michael, I am a singer/songwriter and would like to play at 10:30 on September 27th.

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