09:00 | OPEN!
09:30 | ORKA LOVE
10:00 | Poor Richard
10:30 | Comedy with Ed John & Nick Taylor & Damon
11:00 | Johnny Woods
11:30 | OPEN!
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find out how here: http://southparktavern.com/mic/



Hi Grant…ORKA LOVE at 930 and Poor Richard at 10? Thanks-Karl & Andrew …and Richard

also, If Karl doesn’t get both the 9:30 and the 10:00 spot, I’d like to trade the 9:00 spot for either of the time slot he doesn’t get. thanks!

9pm plz and thank you !!!

i’d rather put you at 10:30 with Ed.

I’m a comedian can I get 5-6 minutes at 9:00pm?

Are you saying my slot would be 10? Sorry kinda lost on what you said.

I’d like a slot. I’m routing from Kentucky to Ohio for shows and would like to stop in. Can i get a time? Thanks
Tim Moore

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