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Dark Horse Brewing Co. Rain In Blood Orange Pale Ale-American Pale Ale|5.50% ABV (16 Oz)
Warped Wing Brewing Co. Exp 09326- Belgian Imperial IPA| 9.1% ABV (10 Oz)
Mother Stewart’s Golden Ale- American Blonde Ale| 5.60% ABV (16 Oz)
Crooked Stave Experimaental Hop Series Exp.#09326-American IPA|??
Yellow Springs Brewing Co. Captain Stardust-Saison/FarmHouse Ale|6.50% ABV (16 Oz)
Urban Artifact The Gadget-Raspberry And Backberry Sour Ale|6.10% ABV (16 Oz)
Shorts Brewing Co. Hop Stache-American IPA|6.00% ABV (16 Oz)
FatHead’s Brewing Co. Head Trip-Belgian Tripel|9.50% ABV (10 Oz)
Golden Road Brewing Co. Wolf Pup Session IPA-American IPA|4.20% ABV (16 Oz) $4.00
Founders Brewing Co. All Day Session IPA-American IPA|4.70% ABV (16 Oz) $5.00
Rivertown Brewing Co. Nice Melons-Berliner Weissebier Style Sour Ale|3.80% ABV (16 Oz)
FatHead’s Brewing Co. Hopmarauder-American Double/Imperial IPA|9.10% ABV (10 Oz)
Epic Brewing Co. Brainless on Peaches-Belgian Style Peach Ale Aged In Chardonnay Casks|11% ABV (10 Oz)
Epic Brewing Co. 2015 Big Bad Bastist- Imperial Stout Coffee,Cocoa Nibs|11.80% ABV|(10 Oz)
Maui Brewing Co. Lemongrass Saison- Saison / Farmhouse Ale| 5.00% ABV (16 Oz) $5.00
Avery Brewing Company Maharaja- American Double / Imperial IPA |10.20% ABV (10 Oz)
Dieu du Ciel Solstice D’hiver-American Barleywine|10.20% ABV (10 Oz) $4.00
Against The Grain Brown Note-English Brown Ale (Nitro)|5.00% ABV (16 Oz)

Check out the BeerAdvocate website to learn about many of our beers on tap, and check out the South Park Tavern’s BeerAdvocate profile.