Founders Brewing Co. All Day Session IPA-American IPA|4.70% ABV (16 Oz) $5.00
Rivertown Brewing Co. Nice Melons-Berliner Weissebier Style Sour Ale|3.80% ABV (16 Oz)
Fathead’s Brewing Co. Hop JuJu-American Double/Imperial IPA|9.00% ABV (10 Oz)
FatHead’s Brewing Co. Hopmarauder-American Double/Imperial IPA|9.10% ABV (10 Oz)
Epic Brewing Co. 2015 Big Bad Baptist- Double/Imperial Stout W/Cocoa Nibs&Coffee Beans|12.1% ABV (10 Oz)
Epic Brewing Co. Double Barrel Baptist-Imperial Stout W/ Cacao Nibs&Coffee Whiskey Barrel Aged|12.8%ABV (10 Oz)
Epic Brewing Co. Lil’ Brainless Raspberry Ale-Fruit Beer|5.20% ABV (16 Oz)
Epic Brewing Co. Brainless on Peaches-Belgian Style Peach Ale Aged In Chardonnay Casks|11% ABV (10 Oz)
Epic Brewing Co. Big Bad Bastista- Imperial Stout W/Mexican Coffee,Cacao Nibs,Vanilla&Cinnamon-12.2% ABV|(10 Oz)
Troegs Brewing Co. First Out Mango IPA-American IPA|6.20% ABV (16 Oz)
Three Floyd’s Brewing Co. Alpha King-American Pale Ale|6.66% ABV (16 Oz)
Blake’s Wake Fire-Cider With Michigan-Grown Cherries,Oranges, And Blake’s Apples|6.50% ABV (16 Oz)
FatHead’s Brewing Co. StarLight Lager-German Style Lager|5.20% ABV (16 Oz) $5.00
Founders Brewing Co. Frootwood-Cherry Ale Aged In Maple Syrup, Bourbon Barrel Aged Oak Barrels|8.00% ABV (10 Oz)
Maui Brewing Co. Lemongrass Saison- Saison / Farmhouse Ale| 5.00% ABV (16 Oz) $5.00
Avery Brewing Company Maharaja- American Double / Imperial IPA |10.20% ABV (10 Oz)
Abita Bredwing Co. Macchiato Espresso Stout-Milk/Sweet Stout|6.00% ABV (16 Oz) $4.00
Dieu du Ciel Solstice D’hiver-American Barleywine|10.20% ABV (10 Oz) $5.00

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